Currency Exchange Software

Office Exchange is a currency exchange point of sale software, designed and developed by CGI Design in Canada and serves currency exchange retail offices around the world.

What is currency exchange software

We are developer of Office Exchange software, one the best currency exchange POS software in the world

the system is designed to help currency exchange offices around the world to manage the operation and identify risk related to the transactions perform by users.

Some of the currency exchange software features are

1- Buy and sell currencies

2- Print receipt and customize your receipt with your company logo

3- Update buy and sell rate for each branch separately, enable api to automatically get spot rate from trusted source and aply buy and sell role based on spot rate.

4- Keep client information in the system and create client file. scan client IDs like driver license and password.

4- Perform KYC and set client risk factor to low risk, moderate or high risk

5- Multi branch and multi user capability, grow your business with no limitation

6- Access to many reports to help you with closing balance, starting balance and profit calculation

7- Track update/delete and changes to client information and transactions for audit reason

8- Live Scan client name against sanction list like OFAC by USA, UK Gov sanction list and Canadian sanction list. we can add you region requirements

9- For airport offices we have integrated passport reader scanner. to scan and ready passport data automatically and save in client file.

10 – For USA and Canada integrated driver license reader scanner.

11- Alert at the time of transaction for risk identified by system

12- Unicode data entry, type in any languages and print client receipt in any language .

13- More features

CGI Design,

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