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Our Services

We provide professional services in the following areas:
  • Web design
  • Develop POS for currency exchange offices
  • Develop Money Transfer (Remit) software

    Risk Management
Our Senior Global AML Compliance Officer can implement Global Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Program (AML/ATF) to ensure that your money service business remains complaint with AML/ATF regulatory expectations in all jurisdictions where you operate. This includes:
  • Setting consistent standards across business segments and conducting annual enterprise-wide AML risk assessments
  • Maintaining the Global AML Policy (including Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence, record keeping & retention requirements);
  • Currency transaction and suspicious transaction monitoring and reporting, screening customers against regulatory watch lists
  • Enterprise-wide and specialized AML training of employees
  • Conducting business unit testing reviews and analysis, providing advice and support to business partners/teams on testing outcomes and recommendations
  • Assessing risks covering Business Unit testing and recommending policy and/or action based on internal and external industry developments for AML testing programs
  • Maintaining strong knowledge of your business units and regulatory requirement/compliance issues within AML
  • Acting as a compliance contact for internal and external audits and between businesses and the regulatory authorities that govern them
  • Providing guidance to your business in developing proactive strategies, tactics, policies and procedures to effectively manage regulatory/compliance issues
  • Assisting in complex compliance reviews, on-site reviews, etc. and assisting with the development/implementation of action plans for any issues, deficiencies or questions that require remediation.