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Product feature
  • Buy & sell foreign currency Point of sale (POS)
  • Customized receipt for small printers and regular printers
  • Multi-branch and multi-user/branch capability
  • Automated rate update & apply buy & sell policy
  • Accept all kinds of payment method. Cash, Debit, Credit �
  • Accounting & book keeping, Journal entry, Ledger, Balance sheet etc
  • Profit loss calculation based on average rate
  • Add image, pdf, docs, to client file
  • View client's transactions and reprint of receipt
  • Transfer founds between accounts
  • Cross check against whatch list-by OFAC,FinCen, OFSI (Optional)
  • Remit/Money Transfer customizable to business requirements
  • Sender or beneficiary can track status of transaction on your website. Paid to receiver, Pending, Problem with remit,�
  • Easily export reports to excel file
  • Compatible with Microsoft SSRS and SSAS 2005, 2008
  • More...

Who are our clients
Money Service Businesses (MSBs)
Bureau de Change (BDC)
Travel agencies
Financial institutions
Forex traders and currency wholesalers
Precious metal dealers like gold and silver
Hotels and motels that wish to offer currency exchange services

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Welcome to Office Exchange website

POS Currency Exchange & remit software 
Office Exchange is a POS currency exchange and money transfer software that was specifically designed for Foreign Currency Exchange Offices and financial companies that mainly Exchange Currencies, Cash Cheque, Short term loans and Transfer Money to any location in the world. It is an excellent tool for managerial decision making in a currency exchange Office. Office Exchange is the result of years of research and interviews with foreign exchange offices in Canada and other countries. It is very easy to use, reliable and can be customized to meet your business requirement.


download POS Currency Exchange screen shots

Customized solutions & new development

  CGI Design specializes in custom Currency Exchange and Money Transfer software development and delivers high quality solutions to these type of businesses.

At CGI design we understand that every business has different needs and regulation and compliant may not be the same in all countries. We can customize our product to meet your business requirements. Whether your customizations are small changes to pages and forms or you may need to develop a brand new web or windows base application to manage your enterprise we have the resource and skills to help you. Please contact us and let discuses your project with senior IT Analysts in CGI Design

AML Compliance

Also see Anti-Money-Laundering

 Our Senior Global AML Compliance Officer can implement Local and Global Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Program (AML/ATF) to ensure that your money service business remains complaint with AML/ATF regulatory expectations in all jurisdictions where you operate. This includes:

  • Setting consistent standards across business segments and conducting annual enterprise-wide AML risk assessments
  • Maintaining the Global AML Policy (including Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence, record keeping & retention requirements);
  • Currency transaction and suspicious transaction monitoring and reporting, screening customers against regulatory watch lists
  • Enterprise-wide and specialized AML training of employees
  • Conducting business unit testing reviews and analysis, providing advice and support to business partners/teams on testing outcomes and recommendations
  • Assessing risks covering Business Unit testing and recommending policy and/or action based on internal and external industry developments for AML testing programs
  • Maintaining strong knowledge of your business units and regulatory requirement/compliance issues within AML
  • Acting as a compliance contact for internal and external audits and between businesses and the regulatory authorities that govern them
  • Providing guidance to your business in developing proactive strategies, tactics, policies and procedures to effectively manage regulatory/compliance issues
  • Assisting in complex compliance reviews, on-site reviews, etc. and assisting with the development/implementation of action plans for any issues, deficiencies or questions that require remediation.



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